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Addiction Treatment Event Marketing

Ben Donahower



As digital marketers, we're keenly aware that people are desperately seeking connection. Business happens online. Leads are generated online. But, at the same time, we know just the same that the less personal the way that you connect with a prospective patient the less likely they are to convert and the opposite is true.

So a physical one on one meeting is going to convert better than an in person event and in person event is going to convert a prospect into a patient more often than someone who download an ebook.

There's three reasons why a digital agency would write about event marketing:

  1. You should have (or already do) events to generate leads
  2. You should be integrating digital into addiction treatment event marketing
  3. There might be opportunities to take offline events o
    nline with webinars or other channels
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Ben Donahower

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We live in a mobile first world.

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