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How to Increase Website Traffic Using Keyword Opposition to Benefit Analysis

Ben Donahower

content marketing, SEO


Another great talk at Inbound from Ross Hudgens. 99% of this post is from his brain to this blog. Like with other posts from Inbound, it's not going through our normal editing process, so we can get this information to you quickly, so please be forgiving with spelling and other errors.

1. Topics

Where do you start with content marketing? First, take a step back and do the research to determine what topics will start to move the needle. Ross presented the KOB score, which you can generate using this formula:

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A 12-step Content Strategy Template

Ben Donahower

inbound marketing, content marketing, content strategy


Creating a content strategy can be a long and tedious process, especially since there are many things to be considered along the way. We give you a short 12-step content strategy template to follow when making your own content strategy to save time and focus on the most important issues.

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